Assurance Medical Service provides Independent Medical Evaluations (IME) and other healthcare services for a variety of clients including corporations, law firms, and insurance companies.

Our team is made up of a large array of highly qualified consultants who are known for their professionalism and years of experience. By drawing on their skills, we provide services that are reliable, defensible, and evidence-based.

All of our consultants are proud members of the Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators, which is the leading national organization for professionals involved in independent medical assessments. It provides the assessment industry with education programs and acts as a forum for the sharing of knowledge and innovation.


We ensure all of our services are efficient. We know that when you’re dealing with insurance claims or court cases, it’s essential to meet report deadlines. Our turnaround times are kept low to guarantee the necessary reports are always filed on time.


We have experience serving a range of clients including employers, corporations, auto insurers, worker’s compensation boards, and personal injury law firms. We also have experience handling all types of cases, ranging from insurance claims following a car accident to evaluations for long-term disability benefits following a workplace injury.

This extensive range of experience means we have what it takes to handle all of your needs. We can provide prompt access to a large array of specialists for independent medical evaluations to suit any situation.


In addition to our health assessments, we can offer a wide variety of healthcare services. Just some examples include chronic pain programs, assistive devices, and psychological counselling.

To assist in our independent medical evaluations, we can provide a range of diagnostic services that are useful for getting a clear picture of an injury or condition and determining the extent that it has impacted the assess. That includes MRI, CT scan, bone scan, nerve conduction study, and more.