Core Values


All of our consultants have extensive experience performing assessments, and that provides them with the knowledge and expertise to handle every client’s needs professionally. They are dedicated to always serving our clients promptly, accurately, and to the best of their abilities.


Our highly qualified and well-respected healthcare professionals have earned their reputation by always being unbiased in their evaluations and providing credible evidence-based reports. Ethics and integrity are always at our top of mind in everything we do. Our independent medical evaluations are never influenced by which party requests the assessment, or any other aspect of a case. We take pride in knowing our assessments help to rightfully settle disputes in a fair and efficient manner.


We utilize a rigorous quality assurance program to ensure all of our services consistently meet the highest standards. That includes monitoring our performance to seek out new ways to improve our processes and the experience for our clients. 

Another way we guarantee quality is by working with only experienced and skilled professionals. That goes for everyone from our consultants to our large network of healthcare providers. We have a stringent recruitment process that ensures every professional we work with shares our guiding principles.


We’ll take good care of your employees, clients, or claimants by providing personalized care. When clients require rehab such as work conditioning following an accident, we will tailor the treatment program to their unique needs and goals. This personalized approach helps us get patients back to full health as soon as possible, and prevent their issues from returning.

We also understand that many of the patients who receive health assessments from us may be feeling overwhelmed. Often, they are dealing with a legal issue, insurance dispute, traumatic injury, or limited functional abilities. So our medical professionals treat every patient with compassion and help them feel as comfortable as possible throughout the process.