Assurance Advantage

Our organization is comprised of respected and highly skilled rehabilitation professionals who manage and deliver a complete range of medical and vocational rehabilition services to insurance companies, law firms and corporations. Our experienced team of health care professionals are dedicated to providing accurate and impartial assessments using their knowledge and expertise. We strive to return clients to a satisfying, self-sufficient and productive lifestyle in the shortest possible time so that they may return to their pre-injury status.

Care and compassion are the hallmarks of AMS. We recognize each client is an individual with unique needs and goals. To meet those needs, we measure and consider individual strengths, limitations, expectations and aptitudes. We work in partnership with our clients to design personalized programs. Return to pre-injury activities of daily living becomes our joint priority and objective. Our clients are always encouraged to take personal responsibility for expediting and maximizing their recovery.

Our Professional and Distinctive Standards

Professionalism, knowledge and expertise are the pillars of our consultants at AMS. These qualities are exemplified through the following standards:

Each consultant is accredited through their respective professional colleges and licensing bodies

Consultants are proud members of the Canadian Society of Medical Evaluators, a distinguished group of health care professionals leading the assessment industry

Consultants constantly strive to stay in tune with the most recent advancements in science, research and technology and thus regularly take part in seminars and courses so that our clients may benefit

AMS utilizes the latest technology with its assessment equipment and communication systems, to provide accurate, efficient and effective results

Our consultants have performed large numbers of assessments which contribute to their expertise, knowledge and ability to deal with a multitude of different types of clients
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